William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







JOE RECOMMENDS – Joe Biden actually said today, in discussing gun control, "So you want to keep people away in an earthquake? Buy some shotgun shells."  He forgot, for some reason, to note that it would also be helpful to have a shotgun. 

SPLIT NATION – Gallup reports that the fourth year of the Obama administration ties the record for the most polarizing administration in Gallup's polling history.  Some 86% of Democrats and only 10% of Republicans approved of the president's performance.  That 76-point gap is tied only by George W. Bush's final year of his first term.  In fairness, Gallup points out that the country has, overall, gotten far more polarized in the last decade.

HENRY WARNS – Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger warned at the Davos conference today that a nuclear crisis with Iran is not far off.  It was a gravely put warning:   "For 15 years, the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) have declared that a nuclear Iran is unacceptable, but it has been approaching," he said.  "In a few years, people will have to come to a determination of how to react, or the consequences of non-reaction.  I believe this point will be reached in a very foreseeable future."  Kissinger warned that an Iranian bomb would force others in the region to acquire nuclear weapons, dramatically raising the real chance of a nuclear conflict.  Listening, Barack?

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS UP – Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado and his wife, Helen, separated last year.  But, in an interview with The New York Times, Hickenlooper revealed that Helen offered to stay with him if he ran for president.  She reportedly said, “If you want to run for president, I’m in. We’ll stay married. I’ll figure it out and I’ll be fine.”  Now they're apart, but Hickenlooper is being mentioned as a possible dark-horse Dem candidate for president in 2016.  Can you just see the soap opera moment as they come out together..?  Republicans would have more dignity.

January 24, 2013