William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







COMMON SENSE – School districts in Pennsylvania, Alabama, New Jersey, and Rhode Island have hired armed guards for some schools in recent weeks.  Other states are expected to follow.  They are to be commended for putting the safety of children first, not the political rhetoric of the trendies.  This is not a complete solution to the problem of gun violence, but it's a common-sense first step.  I'd rather send my children to schools that are protected, rather than leave them defenseless because of the social theories of politicians who appeal to the sixties crowd.

OUTRAGE – European courts are showing increasing reluctance to extradite those accused of serious crimes to the United States.  The party line in Europe is that the American justice system is cruel and excessive.  Those accused of terrorism and child molestation are among the prisoners who've benefited from this "enlightened" policy.  Britain is apparently the worst offender.  One British judge refused to extradite a man accused of smuggling military equipment to Iran because that might damage U.K-Iran relations.  Nice, huh?  Welcome to 1938.

BIDEN 2016? – Political reports from Washington say that President Obama is doing everything he can to boost Joe Biden's chances for the 2016 Democratic nomination.  The very active support he's giving Biden every day, including giving Biden command of one issue after the other, is a direct slap in the face to outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, clearly the party base's choice for the nomination.  We've editorialized here that the last person Obama wants to succeed him is Hillary Clinton, who would outshine him on the first day, then establish her own legacy, not continue Obama's.  Biden will be 73 in 2016, and my sense is that Hillary, if she's healthy and wants to run, will get the party's nod, but will have to display proper worship of The One.

BUT WE HOPE THE BABY GOT SOME NICE GIFTS – From the Boston Globe:   "Three men arrested in a violent brawl at a Massachusetts baby shower in which bottles and punches were thrown and furniture was smashed have pleaded not guilty...The Brockton men face charges including disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and assault and battery on a police officer...Police responded to a function hall in Stoughton late Saturday and found as many as 200 people involved in the fight they say was sparked by uninvited guests. Police Sgt. Daniel McGowan called the scene a 'nightmare.'’’  A baby shower with a cast of 200?  Whatever happened to warmth and intimacy?

January 14,  2013