William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







A BRITISH WEATHER FORECAST – From London's Express:  "THE biggest freeze in 20 years is set to bring a foot of snow by the start of next week.  As the first blizzards hit Cumbria and the North-west yesterday, the Met Office issued severe weather warnings across much of the UK for the next three days.  Forecasters said parts of the North-east and Scotland could be knee-deep in snow by Monday.  Breakdown services last night warned of 'widespread chaos' in the most severe whiteout since the winter of 1993."  I don't know how much more of this global warming we can take.  Here in the U.S., an administration firmly in Obaman hands, continues to hand out dire predictions of a roasting planet.  But a lot of people, including those in Britain's weather establishment, are having their doubts.

BE THANKFUL – Again, we get our news from the British press.  It's good news, too, for real red-blooded Americans.  From the Daily Mail:  "Hostess has found a new home for its most popular breads, including the iconic Wonder Bread.  The bankrupt maker of Twinkies, Devil Dogs and other snack cakes said late Friday that it selected bids by rival bakery Flower Foods Inc. to buy six of its bread brands for $390 million. Flower Foods, based in Thomasville, Ga., is best known for Tastykakes but also makes breads including Nature's Own and Cobblestone Mill.  Hostess is expected to announce buyers for its famed dessert cakes in coming weeks. The company has said a wide variety of parties have expressed interest in its brands, including national supermarket chains and the makers of brand name packaged foods."  Our great national nightmare is over.  We will have Twinkies!  Why do I have to read about this in a British paper?

A BIT OF HISTORY – It turns out that Barack Obama, when he was in the Illinois State Senate, opposed legislation that would have allowed a citizen to fire a handgun in defense of his life in his own home.  Hmm.  The bill passed anyway, without his support.  Just thought you'd like to know.  Oh, by the way, how many Secret Service agents, with guns, does Obama and his family have around them?  And the Obamas send their kids to a school with an 11-man security detail.  It's very easy for the privileged, who are safe, to deny protection to those who aren't.  But, after all, who are we to question the judgment of the chattering classes?   

January 12, 2013