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OH, NEVER MIND – AT 8:41 A.M. ET:  It now turns out that a major intelligence finding, one that drove a good part of our Afghanistan strategy, was an error.  Nice to know that, guys.  From the Washington Times:

An officially reported downward trend in insurgent attacks that has underpinned President Obama’s decision to pull 34,000 troops from Afghanistan did not actually happen last year.

On Tuesday, the NATO command in the Afghan capital of Kabul acknowledged that a database error caused it to report a 7 percent decline in “enemy initiated attacks,” when the actual number remained the same compared to 2011.

The Pentagon highlighted the decline in the lead-up to Mr. Obama’s announcement in his State of the Union address this month that more than half of the 60,000-plus U.S. troops now in Afghanistan will return home by the end of this year.

The error means that, on a statistical basis, the war is not going as well as professed by the administration — and as most international combat troops prepare to leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

In December, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta cited a downturn in violence in Afghanistan during a speech at the National Press Club. He referred to a NATO summit in Chicago last May during which the alliance approved an Obama campaign plan to hand over more duties to local Afghan troops, paving the way for a foreign troop exit.

COMMENT:  Let's see if the mainstream media shows the slightest interest in this.  We got our facts wrong, and decided on a strategy based in part on that error.  What a great way to run a war. 

But Americans want out of Afghanistan, and it shall be done.  Then I expect to see the country fall back into Islamism and craziness.  I honestly don't know how we regain our influence in the Middle East and west Asia, but re-electing Obama was not a good start.

Oh, by the way, our dependence on Mideast oil is growing again.  This is probably due to the administration's mismanagement of energy programs, including the endless harassment of oil exploration companies in the United States. 

February 27,  2013