William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







KERRY KICKS IT – John Kerry is in London, and the first thing he did, aside from going through the well-played CD about the "special relationship," was to duck the Falklands issue.  Britain and Argentina are in a new row over who should own the Falkland Islands, a British possession, but quite close to the coast of Argentina.  You know, of course, that Britain and Argentina fought a brief war over the islands in 1982, with Britain coming out on top.   Kerry refused to embrace British ownership of the islands, a substantial annoyance to the Brits, who have always been with us.  The Argentinians are not bosom buddies, but did provide warm lodging for former Nazis after World War II.  Someone tell Obama what "friend" means.

OH, DON'T TELL AL – New research in Britain shows that thousands of Britain's windmills will actually create more greenhouse gases than they save.  They are built on peatlands, which have massive amounts of carbon.  The windmills, and the construction of roads leading to them, tear up the carbon and send it into the atmosphere, negating any good, in terms of pollution and climate change, that the windmills could possibly do.  I hope the scientists behind this research have good police protection and bulletproof windows.

THIS IS FROM OBAMA? – The Obama administration warned today that the automatic budget cuts set to go into effect Friday, unless Congress acts, could result in a new flood of illegal immigrants across our southern border.  I don't think these scare tactics are working.  By now most reasonably informed Americans probably know that the required cuts are only a tiny part of the federal budget.  But can you imagine a Republican saying that about illegals flooding our borders?  The entire staff of MSNBC would have to be put on calming pills as terms like "KKK politics in Washington" uttered from their mouths.  There would be riots on college campuses.  Soledad O'Brien would weep on national TV.

THIS IS ENCOURAGING – European scientists say life expectancy has progressed more in the last 100 years than in the 200,000 preceding years.  They say that 72 is the new 30.  This has Mayor Bloomberg of New York worried.  He just proposed barring pizza parlors from delivering two-liter bottles of soda with their pizza.  And now he's told that the soda isn't really killing us anyway.  What's a billionaire to do with such bad news?

February 25, 2013