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AS GOES EGYPT... – AT 9:41 A.M. ET:   Egypt is the most important Arab country.  It's now under the control of the whackjobs from the Muslim Brotherhood...and the troops, the real troops are getting restless.  Obama is naturally riding the wrong horse.  There could be some real change in Egypt sooner than we'd expected.  From AP: 

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s powerful military is showing signs of growing impatience with the country’s Islamist leaders, indirectly criticizing their policies and issuing thinly veiled threats that it might seize power again.

The tension is raising the specter of another military intervention much like the one in 2011, when generals replaced longtime authoritarian leader Hosni Mubarak after they sided with anti-regime protesters in their 18-day popular uprising.

The strains come at a time when many Egyptians are despairing of an imminent end to the crippling political impasse between President Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood group on one side, and the mostly secular and liberal opposition on the other.

The tug of war between the two camps is being waged against a grim backdrop of spreading unrest, rising crime and a worsening economy.

“In essence, the military will not allow national stability or its own institutional privileges to come under threat from a breakdown in Egypt’s social fabric or a broad-based civil strife,” said Michael W. Hanna, an Egypt expert from the New York-based Century Foundation.

“This is not an ideological army or one that seeks to destabilize civilian governance. … But it is also not an army that will sit by while the country reaches the tipping point on the path to civil strife.”

COMMENT:  I never thought I'd be cheering the Egyptian army, but I am now.  The military is actually one of the most moderate institutions in Egypt, and basically pro-American. 

It is true that Egypt's current government is "elected."  But its election raises the old dilemma:  How do you handle a "freely elected" government run by people who oppose modern, democratic and social norms?  It's been pointed out many times that Hitler was also elected.

Let's go Army!

February 21, 2013