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SYRIAN HORROR – AT 9:42 A.M. ET:   The genocide in Syria goes on, and no one seems to care.  Our new secretary of state is speaking some nice words, but will any action be organized to stop the horror? 

It's not that we love the Syrian opposition groups.  Because of the vacuum created by lack of outside intervention, the Syrian opposition is now filled with operatives from Al Qaeda, and similar lights of humanity.  But the killing has got to be brought to an end:

After nearly two years of fighting, the death toll in Syria has reached some 90,000 people, US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday.

“I had occasion … to speak this morning with the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia. The first thing he mentioned to me was in his estimate perhaps as many as 90,000 people have been killed in Syria,” Kerry was quoted by AFP as saying.

The figure is well beyond that quoted by UN human rights chief Navi Pillay, who said Tuesday the number of people killed in Syria’s civil war is probably approaching 70,000. She told the UN Security Council that there have probably been almost 10,000 new deaths in recent weeks.

On Wednesday, Kerry told reporters after meeting with Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh at the State Department that he hoped President Bashar Assad could be convinced to enter into a negotiated solution with the Syrian opposition that would end almost two years of bloody violence and move forward with true democratic reform.

“We need to address the question of President Assad’s calculation currently. I believe there are additional things that can be done to change his current perception,” Kerry said, adding: “I’ve got a good sense of what I think we might propose.”

Kerry did not elaborate on the ideas and pointedly offered no guarantee of success, particularly since Assad has defied calls to step down and clung to power throughout the crisis that has grown increasingly desperate.

Kerry said his priority was to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

“I can assure you my goal is to see us change his calculation, my goal is to see us have a negotiated outcome and minimize the violence,” he said. “It may not be possible. I am not going to stand here and tell you that’s automatic or easily achievable. There are a lot of forces that have been unleashed here over the course of the last months.”

COMMENT:  Not exactly a resounding statement of resolve, but what can you expect from John Kerry?  The man has been wrong on every major foreign-policy issue of our time.  He is working for a president who wants to see America essentially withdraw from that part of the world.  He will joined by Chuck Hagel, if confirmed, a secretary of defense appointed by Obama to downsize the military.

Our foreign policy is a mess.  In fact, there really isn't any foreign policy to speak of.  It seems to be made up from day to day.  It's been pointed out that President Obama didn't even mention Benghazi in his State of the Union address.  No mention of those who died.  Nothing.  It is the liberal style to fail and then "move on."  But where are we moving to?

February 15, 2013