William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







ALERT! – The mayor of the Serbian village of Zarozje is warning residents that a vampire is on the loose.  The vampire's name is Sava Savanovic, and he's the core of a local legend, holding that he lived in a water mill years ago.  The water mill recently collapsed, leaving him homeless and angry, according to the mayor.  So we advise readers to be on the lookout.  Do not approach.  Call the police or the local volunteer vampire squad.  But be assured that vampire bites are covered by Obamacare, unless of course you actively discriminated against the vampire.

NO MO MOTOWN? – Detroit is, as usual, in serious financial trouble, as well as being one of the crime capitals of the United States.  And now the Republican governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, is saying that he will not rule out the dissolution of the city, absorbing it into surrounding Wayne County.  The idea is being given serious consideration in Michigan's capital, Lansing.  Detroit is a victim of many things, but its potential recovery is stifled by local machine and racial politics, resulting in public officials woefully inadequate to bring the city back.

UNBELIEVABLE – Foreign Policy magazine is reporting that former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska is being vetted for possible appointment as secretary of defense or even secretary of state.  Hagel is a Republican turncoat who turned against President Bush's foreign policy, and whose wife openly campaigned for Obama in 2008.  Recently this "Republican," Chuck Hagel, supported the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in Nebraska.  Hagel is so bad that he had to leave the Senate because he could not have won renomination by his own party.  He is skeptical of American security policy and cold toward the U.S.-Israel relationship.  With all the qualified candidates available, his appointment to the Pentagon would be seen as a political payoff and an insult to the troops who fought and died for causes Hagel opposed.  Great way to start a second term.

ANOTHER "NO" FOR SUZIE – Senator Susan Collins, the respected moderate Republican from Maine, came out of a meeting with Susan Rice today and, like others who have met with Rice, expressed her dismay at Rice's explanation for the Benghazi episode.  There have now been four Republican senators, including two women, who are expressing their disappointment with Rice, who is a serious candidate to be secretary of state, after meeting with her.  If Obama even offered minimal consultation with Senate Republicans, Rice's name would never have been put forward for the State job, but Obama is Obama, and consults with no one.  He appears to think he was elected king.

November 28, 2012