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THE CONTINUING PROBE – AT 7:07 A.M. ET:  As we celebrate, Petraeus sweats.  The investigation into him and his office continues.  Remember, whatever is found can be used to pressure Petraeus into seeing things the administration's way.   From WaPo:

A federal investigation of how David H. Petraeus’s biographer obtained numerous classified records is focusing on whether the retired general’s staff gave her sensitive documents at his instruction, according to federal officials familiar with the inquiry.

Petraeus aides and other high-ranking military officials were often tasked by Petraeus and other top commanders to provide military records and other documents to Paula Broadwell for her work as Petraeus’s biographer, former staff members and other officials told The Washington Post.

Broadwell, a married Army reservist, frequently visited Petraeus in Afghanistan when he was in charge of the war there. She repeatedly sought records that she said Petraeus wanted her to have, according to the former staff members and officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the inquiry is ongoing.

The focus on the role of military staff members adds a new chapter to the complicated ethics scandal that led Petraeus to abruptly resign as CIA director on Nov. 9. His affair with Broadwell also has put the personal communication of Marine Gen. John R. Allen, Petraeus’s successor as commander of the Afghan war, under scrutiny by the Pentagon.

COMMENT:  I would not be shocked if this investigation went much further.  I just have a sense that some of the Obamans have it in for Petraeus.  Or, maybe they feared that he could become a political power, and looked for ways to bring him down.  But I can't believe that the investigation was prompted only by an affair.  Affairs can be handled, especially if the guy having one is personally respected by the public. 

Stay tuned for the juicy stuff.

November 23, 2012