William Katz:  Urgent Agenda






THE LITTLE MAN SPEAKS – AT 11:04 A.M. ET:  Even in victory, Barack Obama could not escape his smallness.  America went to the polls yesterday and gave the Democrats the victory they sought in 1980.  We re-elected the modern Jimmy Carter.  Andrew Malcolm, at IBD, says it best:

To cap the evening's entertainment, Americans got for their electoral edification the traditional pair of speeches that reveal much of what could have been and what will be.

Exactly 10 years and one day after victoriously claiming the Massachusetts governor's office, for which he took no salary, Romney in 703 words graciously admitted his loss. He said the word "America" five times, the word "pray" three times and the words "Thank you" 21 times.

The Real Good Talker, who's never seen anything he couldn't throw a speech at, took 2,163 words to claim victory in what is traditionally a moment to call for unity and healing after a divisive campaign.

The victorious Chicagoan, who promised before the last election to end Washington's partisan bitterness, strangely uttered the word "fight" five times and "thank you" but seven times. He spoke the word "unify" zero times, "unity" zero times, "heal" zero times and "pray" zero times.

He did, however, manage to mention himself 27 times.

COMMENT:  The buyer's remorse may begin sooner than we'd thought.  The stock market is way down this morning.  People with a brain know what's happened.

November 7, 2012