William Katz:  Urgent Agenda






BULLETIN – AT 8:42 A.M. ET:  Drudge's advance word has Mitt Romney up by one in this morning's Rasmussen poll, 49-48.  Drudge has been getting leaks from Rasmussen.

Is that important?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  There's no question that Romney lost a bit of ground last week, two points in the Rasmussen poll before this morning's report.  Haley Barbour, former GOP national chairman and former governor of Mississippi, said that Hurricane Sandy disrupted the Romney campaign, and made Obama, for a minute at least, look good.  But by the end of the week Obama wasn't looking all that great, as the botched response to Sandy became better known.  We're looking for signs of a last-minute surge for Romney, and maybe, only maybe, the slight uptick in Rasmussen may be one of those signs.

As Sinatra might have said, leave us we should pray.

November 5,  2012