William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







POSSIBLE? – A new poll taken for a conservative group shows Barack Obama up by only one point in Minnesota, which Dems had thought was secure.  We stress that this is only one poll.  However, there has been a dramatic increase in Democratic political activity in Minnesota in the past week, so internal Democratic polling might be showing the same slippage for Obama.

IOWA – By contrast with the above, a new Des Moines Register poll shows Obama up five points.  This is discouraging because every major paper in Iowa is supporting Romney, although several of them supported Obama in 2008.  Of course, the poll can be wrong, and we hope it is.  The big polling news comes tomorrow morning when Susquehanna Polling and Research, Pennsylvania's most accurate poll, comes out with its final survey of the state.  The poll two weeks ago showed Romney up by four, which started the stampede of Romney staffers and money into Pennsylvania.  Romney will hold a major rally in the Philadelphia burbs tomorrow.

BACKLASH – There is a clear backlash building against the handling of Hurricane Sandy, and it could affect the presidential race.  At first President Obama looked good, and his photo ops, especially the one with Chris Christie, were sublime.  But we're now learning that FEMA has botched the job, that the recovery effort outside Manhattan is going poorly, and that anger is growing.  If this actually makes it onto the national news – I hope readers will tell me what they see on TV in their area – this could turn out to be Obama's Katrina.  The Obamans hurriedly pushed out statements today assuring the country that their guy was on the job.  Notice the difference? 

November 3,  2012