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CAN WE GET AN EXPLANATION, PLEASE – AT 9:30 A.M. ET:  The following is from the Chicago Tribune:

Gave Bates smiled through tears as she swiped her hand across her phone, flipping through pictures of her cousin playing around and striking goofy poses.

"He was a lot of fun, very good at imitating people," Bates said of Nathaniel T. Jackson, 40. "He just had so much fun all the time. And we all grew up together in the same house."

Jackson was standing outside a store in the Austin neighborhood around 9 p.m. Thursday when someone walked up and shot him in the head, police said. His death was apparently the 500th homicide in Chicago this year, marking a grim milestone.

COMMENT:  That's 500 murders in Chicago this year, and the year isn't over.  New York City thus far this year has had 414 murders. 

Chicago has a population of 2.7 million people.

New York has a population of 8.2 million people.

The murder rate in Chicago is more than three times the murder rate in New York.

Chicago is the president's home city.  Have you heard a single question from mainstream "journalists" about the fact that his city has turned into a shooting gallery?  Have you seen a single story on TV comparing New York and Chicago and asking, "Why?"  Has Soledad O'Brien, CNN's star racialist, shown the slightest concern?

Of course, the usual suspects come up with the usual excuses.  "This is happening everywhere," said the Rev. Jesse Jackson, in a recent CNN interview.  The interviewers genuflected before him, not one of them saying, "Reverend Jackson, with all due respect, it isn't happening everywhere."  And, of course, the anti-gun crowd tells us that it's really the gun manufacturers who are to blame.  Apparently, they come to Chicago and pull the triggers themselves.

Or, the left will trot out the 1960s mantra:  "It's a socio-economic problem of inner-city peoples, stemming from systemic oppression."

In 1990 more than 2,000 New Yorkers were homicide victims.  It took Rudy Giuliani and his excellent police officials to go to war against crime and reduce that murder rate by more than 80%.  Have you seen any documentaries recently on how that was done?

We are now promised a "national discussion" on gun control.  Fine, let's have one.  The trouble is, it will not be honest.  It will be the usual clichés of the left, and will get us nowhere.  Why don't we begin our discussion with something that worked spectacularly – Rudy's crime-control offensive?  But, alas, we won't.  Rudy is a conservative, and the party line of the mainstream media will not permit the kind of reporting that will make him a hero. 

So we will continue with the myths.  And with the murders.  And we'll have "proposals" that will make the liberals feel very good about themselves, and result in thousands of more parents burying thousands of more children. 

December 28, 2012