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AND MORE RETREAT – AT 9:22 A.M. ET:  Do we have a policy in Syria?  Can anyone define it?  If you were Assad looking at the U.S. right now, or the mullahs of Iran doing the same, would you be terribly frightened?

Syria has descended into mass murder, but Obama seems not at all concerned.  He did express some concern about Syria's chemical weapons, but now seems to be moving our red lines on that issue as well.  From Investor's Business Daily, in an excellent editorial: 

Mideast: The chemical weapons that Syria is preparing to use may have come from a stockpile that Iraq used against its own people and which the Russians helped transport to Syria before Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Syria's chemical weapons are on the move, their precursor chemicals having been mixed, a crossing of a line drawn by President Obama Aug. 20 when he said "a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized." So our resolute president decides to draw another line — that if Syria's Bashar al-Assad makes use of those weapons, presumably against his own people or neighbors, he will face "consequences."

Assad must be shaking in his boots, having dispatched 40,000 of his own people by more conventional means without any consequences from the United States. What's another 10,000, Assad must be thinking, even if they go in a quicker and more ghastly way?

IBD tackles a subject the Obama media avoids like the plague:

Former Gen. Georges Sada, who served as No. 2 in the Iraqi Air Force under Saddam Hussein before he defected, wrote a comprehensive book in 2006 titled "Saddam's Secrets." It detailed how the Iraqi Revolutionary Guard moved weapons of mass destruction into Syria before the U.S.-led action to eliminate Hussein's WMD threat by loading the weapons into civilian aircraft in which the passenger seats were removed.

Sada, who was appointed as national security adviser by interim leader Iyad Allawi and who was privy to many state secrets, described the transport of the deadly weapons in an interview with the New York Sun shortly after the book was published and said the weapons were received in Syria by a cousin of none other than President Assad "who is known variously as General Abu Ali, Abu Himma, or Zulhimawe."

COMMENT:  The mainstreamers won't go near that story for, if the story is true, it means that President Bush's claims about Iraq having WMD were also true, by definition.  That violates the media party line, and that party line is never violated. 

Yet, what would happen if we had to seize Syria's WMD and found that some of it had come from Iraq?  Would we ever be told that, or would the truth be suppressed?  I'd imagine it would be suppressed.

In the meantime, our red lines have moved, and Chuck Hagel waits in the wings. 

December 11, 2012