William Katz:  Urgent Agenda






THE "NO NEWS" PERIOD? – AT 8:53 A.M. ET:  This is supposed to be a slow-news period, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Of course there was that asterisk back in 1941, when the Japanese decided to wake us up on December 7th, and of course that nastiness at the Battle of the Bulge was about to start around this time in 1944. 

But generally this is a quiet period.  This year, though, is one of those exceptions.  America is approaching a fiscal cliff and the Mideast is aflame.  North Korea, despite some apparent last-minute complications, is scheduled to test a new, ICBM-sized missile.  Iran is stiff-arming any new negotiations.  Europe is financially drowning.

If there is one thing that ties all these events together it is the political vacuum in the United States.  Never have I seen a weaker, more indifferent American president.  You'd think he'd have renewed energy and determination, now that he's been re-elected, and actually increased his majority in the U.S. Senate, while cutting the Republican majority in the House.  But this president, originally known as "no-drama Obama," continues on that course.  No drama, no policy.  And, like the skilled owner of a new puppy, he's gotten the American people to sleep on command.  No matter what Obama does to us, or doesn't do for us, the populace, receiving its news through an obedient press, shows little interest.

This isn't the America that can lead the world into the new century.  This is the America of 1939, and our children are going to pay a substantial price.

It's said that democracies get the government they deserve.  That's kind of a vague comment.  For much of the Obama constituency, located in large population centers, it may be true.  They've put up with corrupt local governments, inadequate police forces, high crime, and failing schools for years, and they keep electing the same clowns.  Have you noticed Detroit?  But for the more than 47% of Americans who voted Romney, they aren't getting the government they deserve.  And if we can add a bit more than 3% next time around, we can reverse that disgrace.  Never forget how close we are.

December 10,  2012