William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







A CONCESSION TO THE COMMON FOLK – The Ministry of Good Eats, known to we mere citizens as the Department of Agriculture, has knuckled under to many, many protests and will allow an increase in the amount of meat and grains permitted to American students in school lunches.  Oh, thank you, Massa.  Thank you.  And thank Lord Barack, come to save us.  Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said that his department was responding to complaints that kids weren't getting enough to eat.  Yeah, I'd complain about that.  You know, maybe they should ask parents, and even the school nurses about this, before handing down guidelines that don't give kids sufficient food.

FIDO IN THEIR SIGHTS – It turns out that Obamacare will raise the cost of treating a pet as well as the cost of treating humans.  Veterinary devices will now be subject to the Obamacare tax, and it's expected that manufacturers will pass those costs on to vets, who will pass them on to animal caregivers.  So now, every time you look at your golden retriever, you can think of Obama.  Isn't that warm?

NO STOP TO THE PIPELINE – Did Washington forget something?  It turns out that the military pipeline to Egypt has continued open throughout the Egyptian uprisings, so that major American weapons are now flowing to a government controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Nice, huh?  I wonder how much of this stuff may come back to us on some battlefield one day.  In the pipeline, about to be delivered, are 200 Abrams tanks and a squadron of F-16s...just what the Muslim Brotherhood should have for a happy party.  Well, the American people re-elected Obama, and this is the policy they're getting.

December 8,  2012