William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







BE PREPARED – Britain's Telegraph reports that ordinary Russians are hoarding supplies in preparation for the end of the world on December 21st, as some say is predicted by the Mayan calendar.  Stores are selling "meet the end of the world" kits, consisting of vodka, a bar of soap, and a piece of rope.  Of course, that's your basic kit.  Better things are available should you think the end of the world will last longer than a day or two.  (Maybe you should delay your Christmas shopping until December 22nd, just to be sure.)

A BETTER RATE – The national unemployment rate, as of today's report, stands at 7.7%.  But one group has a much better rate – government workers.  Their unemployment rate stands at 3.8%.  In November, federal, state and local governments in the United States employed 20,559,000 people.  Obamans looking at that number probably think it's much too low.

WAIT!  DIDN'T THEY SUPPORT OBAMA? – The Washington Post Company will pay its 2013 dividend before the end of the year to spare its investors from anticipated tax increases sought by the president the Post supported.  Do you think the boys on the editorial page might learn something from this?  It's doubtful, but you can be sure the investors understand, and investors everywhere understand what tax increases can mean.  Explain it to The One, would you?

IMPURE THOUGHTS – Margaret Thatcher's science advisor, Lord Monckton, was thrown out of a UN global warming conference in Qatar, presumably for speaking out of turn.  Actually, he was thrown out for questioning the truth of the Church of the Global Warming, which, under the banner of the UN, was holding a divine meeting to plan our future.  Questioning the accepted "science" of global warming is a definite no-no at the UN, and won't get you an invitation to address a college commencement. 

December 7, 2012