William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







JOBLESS NATION – There was improvement in the jobless claims report this week, with jobless claims coming in at "only" 370,000.  It had been over 400,000 for some recent weeks, as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  As one economics writer noted, however, 370,000 new jobless claims is still a staggering figure, yet Americans are getting used to it, not realizing the danger it portends.   Tomorrow morning we will get the job-creation report, which is the real indicator of employment trends in America.  Brace yourself, and prepare for the Obama excuses.

WHAT'D WE TELL YUH? – I will happily deviate from my normal practice of avoiding statements like, "As we predicted here," but only this once.  We've been warning at Urgent Agenda that some Dems would like to see the Obama presidency continue, in some form, beyond the Constitutional limit of two terms, and that Michelle Obama would be the vehicle.  Sure enough, the Democrat-leaning polling firm, PPP, reports that Michelle would be a heavy favorite in the Illinois Senate race of 2016, beating Republican incumbent Mark Kirk, 51-40.  She would then be taking the Hillary Clinton route to higher power.  There's no indication that Michelle would make the run, but it's clear the boomlet is already starting.

HE ACTUALLY MADE THE CALL – It is reported that President Obama took time out from vacation planning today to call his new best friend, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, whose administration is descending into chaos.  More ministers resigned today.  Obama reportedly urged Morsi to meat with opposition leaders without preconditions to settle the disputes that have led to mass demonstrations and rioting, with hundreds injured and some dead.  Morsi addressed the Egyptian people today but said essentially nothing.  Actually, we have to be encouraged by the fact that many Egyptians are fighting back against the specter of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The problem is that Obama has a soft spot for the Brotherhood, and won't give the opposition any support.

ZIMMERMAN ACTS – George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Trayvon Martin in the now-famous Florida case, is suing NBC News for editing a piece of audiotape to make it appear that Zimmerman is a racist.  Good for Zimmerman.  The editing was an outrageous piece of fraudulent journalism, and I'd like to see the issue come to court.  Whether Zimmerman wins or loses, we'll have an airing of what some (stress some) journalists will do to rig a story.  There's more of this than the public thinks, and it's getting worse, not better, as journalists come out of colleges where they're taught to become "change agents," not objective reporters.

December 6, 2012