William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







TIPS FOR THE DUCHESS – It is reported that Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, is under serious consideration to be Obama's next ambassador to Britain.  What a wonderful opportunity for the newly pregnant duchess of Cambridge to get some fashion tips.  Does Obama go out of his way to show his contempt for Britain, or does it just come naturally to him?  Such an appointment, at a critical time in international diplomacy and international finance, would be treated by the Brits as an insult, and they'd be right.

MORSI TAKES OFF EARLY – Obama's new best friend, the president of Egypt, fled the presidential palace today in the face of mass demonstrations against his presidency.  Backed by the radical Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi recently took near-dictatorial powers for himself.  Angry mobs have roamed through Cairo denouncing him.  There were also signs denouncing Obama for his support of Morsi.  Once again the community organizer from Chicago has backed the wrong horse.  I hope our embassy is better protected than it was in Libya.

AT THE SUMMIT – Got to admire Obama.  When he has a serious problem he seeks advice from the most knowledgeable people.  Today, discussing budgetary matters with him at the White House, were Rachel Maddow and the Rev. Al Sharpton, both employed currently by MSNBC.  Everyone knows that when the financial future of the country is involved, you call Al Sharpton.  He once balanced a checkbook.  He also once put a dollar into a change machine and got four quarters.  I respect expertise.

OR, SUSAN RICE WOULD DO – New York's nanny mayor, Mike Bloomberg, recently asked Hillary Clinton to run for mayor to succeed him.  There is no report of Hillary's reply, but I doubt that she'd take the request seriously.  Dealing with the Transport Workers Union or hurricane damage in Queens don't exactly fit Hill's profile.  But I'll bet her husband would take the job just to ride on a fire truck and wear the hat, and get to date the Rockettes.

December 4, 2012