William Katz:  Urgent Agenda






THE NEW OBAMA IS THE WORST OF THE OLD OBAMA – AT 8:44 A.M. ET:  Just weeks after his re-election, made possible by one of the most negative campaigns ever waged on the presidential level, President Obama is making his choices for a second term.

He could become a statesman, reaching out to the other side to become president of the entire nation.  Or he could go crazy, becoming a militant ideologist.  My sense is that it's in his nature to go crazy, and to make as many Americans dependent on the government as possible.  He doesn't seem much concerned about the economy.  Indeed, a weak economy may play to his interests, because in a weak economy people turn to the government for help, not to free enterprise.

Nor does Obama seem concerned about the national debt, largely financed by other countries.  International interdependence is a goal of the political left, which seeks to restrain, rather than expand, American power.  To the left, we're not the solution to the world's problems.  We are the problems.  It's the kind of idea financed by federal aid to education.

In foreign policy, Obama is off to a sitting start.  With names like Susan Rice and Chuck Hagel being thrown around for high foreign-policy positions, who can hope for a better second term than his first, disastrous one?  We are weaker all over the world, and even our allies ignore our wishes.  The Mideast falls apart with the president barely noticing.

We're now being told that Mr. Obama will go on his scheduled Hawaiian vacation this week, right in the midst of negotiations to prevent the nation falling over a fiscal cliff on January 1st.  The contempt this shows for the American people is breathtaking.  But, like most on the left, Obama has contempt for the very people he claims to represent.  As the song from "Camelot" has it, he probably goes around the White House asking, "What do the simple folk do?"

We are in for it.  But the 2014 midterms are less than two years away. 

December 3,  2012