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WHAT DOES CANADA KNOW ABOUT BILL AYERS? – AT 8:54 P.M. ET:  Canada is a pretty liberal place, but it is barring Obama pal and radical academic Bill Ayers from entering the country.  This is a serious step, and raises questions as to what Canada knows about this man.  Obama, during the 2008 campaign, acted as if he hardly knew Ayers, but subsequent reporting by those brave enough to do it suggests that the relationship was a lot stronger than we'd been led to believe.

Recently, Ayers retired from the University of Illinois, but was denied some of the privileges of a retired professor due to the intervention of one of the children of Robert F. Kennedy.  Ayers had included Kennedy's assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, in a list of those to whom he'd dedicated a book.  This man, Ayers, was permitted to teach our children.

The Canada part of this is intriguing.  From the National Post of Canada:

Former American radical Bill Ayers has once again been barred from entering Canada.

Mr. Ayers was scheduled to deliver a keynote address at the Worldview Conference on Media and Higher Education this Thursday in Toronto. Conference organizers say Mr. Ayer’s refused entry should “should raise red flags for citizens concerned with free and open debate.”

“Bill Ayers is a respected academic, and in no way a threat to the peace and security of Canada. There is no reason why he should be kept out,” said Mark Langer, President of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA), who is hosting the event.

The fact that he's a "respected academic" should raise questions about who wins respect in today's academic world.

Mr. Ayers was barred from entering Canada in 2009 after touching down at Toronto City Centre Airport. At the time, he said he had entered Canada dozens of time before without incident.

Mr. Ayers has hired Canadian and American lawyers in unsuccessful attempts to lobby the Canadian Border Services Agency for passage into the country. Advised by his lawyers that he would likely be held at the border, he did not attempt a crossing this time around.

In the late 1960s, Mr. Ayers co-founded the Weather Underground, a radical group that collaborated on a series of bombings aimed at banks, monuments and government buildings, including the Pentagon and US capitol.

Nobody was killed in Weather Underground attacks, although members did paralyze at least one man.


According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, foreign nationals are barred from entering Canada if they were involved “in criminal activity, in human rights violations or in organized crime.”

COMMENT:  I'd like to know more about this, but I'd also like to know more about the relationship between Ayers and Obama.  One writer, Jack Cashill, has concluded from an impressive study that Ayers wrote one of Obama's two books.  I have no independent way to confirm that, but the argument is strong.

We can't depend on the mainstream media to look more deeply into Ayers, whose wife, Bernardine Dohrn, was also an extremist, and was on the lam for years.  She teaches at Northwestern University. 

Do you know who's teaching your children?

June 15, 2011