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ADDING INSULT TO INJURY – AT 8:32 P.M. ET:  Since Barack Obama came to power, Iran has not only expanded its nuclear program, it has expanded its diplomatic clout – while the president of the United States engages in deep thoughts and profound philosophy.  The Persians traditionally have been superb diplomats.  Thanks to Ed Lasky of American Thinker for alerting us to this piece from the Washington Post:

TEHRAN -- A year ago, Iran was on its way to becoming a pariah state. Dozens of governments accused Iranian leaders of stealing the presidential election and condemned the brutal crackdown on protesters that followed. The country faced sanctions and international scorn over its controversial nuclear program.

Now, even as the U.N. Security Council prepares to impose its fourth round of sanctions on Iran with a vote slated for Wednesday, Tehran is demonstrating remarkable resilience, insulating some of its most crucial industries from U.S.-backed financial restrictions and building a formidable diplomatic network that should help it withstand some of the pressure from the West. Iranian leaders are meeting politicians in world capitals from Tokyo to Brussels. They are also signing game-changing energy deals, increasing their economic self-sufficiency and even gaining seats on international bodies.

NOW, A QUESTION:  Do you think any of this would be possible without the weakness demonstrated by Obama?  Other nations feel they can cozy up to Tehran because there are no consequences in their relations with the United States. 

Now, weren't we promised something else during the 2008 campaign?  Weren't we told that Obama understood the world, understood how attitudes toward America could be changed?  Well, they have changed.  They're filled with more contempt.  The adolescents of Europe may still be in love with The One, and may even envy his rock concerts at the White House.  But the grownups realize the damage that Obama is doing. 

Iran will get the bomb.  As it's getting it, it's strengthening ties around the world.  It has outclassed us at every turn with its determination and its diplomacy.  We couldn't even get Brazil to agree to sanctions on Iran at the UN today. 

We are becoming a financially bankrupt nation.  And we're becoming morally and diplomatically bankrupt as well.  Who could have thought, as we watched the Berlin Wall come down, that we would someday elect a president who would strengthen the very forces in the world that built it in the first place?

June 8, 2010